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I've always loved nature since I could remember. As a kid I spent most of my time outside playing in a stream catching tadpoles or running around the yard collecting rocks, bugs, feathers and any other treasures I could find. It is no wonder I am so fascinated with flowers and everything Mother Nature has to give.

It's funny...

A single flower can bring so much joy to life. There's so much beyond just a flower. Growing a flower is believing in the future and the beauty it carries creates such a joyful reaction, in not just me, but so many others. It kind of brings us all together in a way. 

So this is me, My name is Jamie Sammons 

and I have a passion. 

A passion to grow,

A passion to learn,


A passion to give back.

Flowers bring so much joy into my life, I just want to share them with the world!

So here's a little bit about how I got started...

I knew I loved to grow, turns out they have a degree for that! It's called Horticulture or the study of plants. Who knew, right?!

I attended SUNY Cobleskill in 2010 and enrolled myself in some Floral Design Classes. Well, it turned out I loved design just as much as I loved growing. So why not both!? Can't I have my cake and eat it too?

I thought I was a genius, I thought I had created my own career. After doing some research I discovered I was not alone and I didn't invent this.

There's a WHOLE COMMUNITY of us and we have a name.

They call us the "FARMER-FLORIST"

After testing the waters and growing a small patch of flowers at a friends farm, I realized I could never go back to doing anything else. This was the job for me!

There became Jayflora Designs.

Established May 1st 2013

Years later, I moved the farm to the homestead in 2015 with the help of my partner,

Jed Radliff.

Turns out Jed is equally as passionate about growing.

We both grew up from dairy farm families, some might say we have farming in our blood.

Jed and I make a great team and it has helped Jayflora come to life.

He maintains the grounds, operates machinery and is quite the builder, 

while I tend to the plants, harvest, design, market and manage Jayflora as a whole.

We love our hands in the dirt

and love giving back to the community.

Best of all,

we love sharing our passion with you!

Keith Banta Photography
Keith Banta Photography
Keith Banta Photography
Keith Banta Photography
Keith Banta Photography
Keith Banta Photography
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