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Jayflora CSA Share

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is an arrangement between consumers and farmers. Members usually join in winter/early spring before the growing season starts. The payment helps our farm buy seeds and other supplies for the year. By purchasing a membership to the farm, community members share in the benefits of local flower production. Each member will receive a beautiful lush European-style hand-tied bouquet specially designed by Jayflora Designs. Each week will entail an entirely different and uniquely arranged bouquet featuring flowers and textural elements of what's in season that week. You will have beautiful flowers on your table all summer long! The best part is, they are as fresh as they can be, picked that very same day you pick them up!


How long does the CSA go for?

The CSA will go for 4 weeks, biweekly. It will usually begin the first Tuesday of July and go on every other Tuesday for 4 weeks. If you are just loving your flowers and love supporting your local agriculture, you can extend your share to 6 weeks! This will extend your share into September!


Why Local & Why CSA?

Make a meaningful connection with your flowers, the land where it's grown and the people who grow it! Jayflora creates a personal connection and valuable relationship with the community through CSA. All of our flowers are grown sustainably with organic practices and picked that day for optimum freshness and longevity.


When can I pick-up my flowers?

Every other Tuesday starting the first Tuesday in July

4 Week Share: July- August

6 Week Share will extend into September


Where can I pick-up my flowers?

Jayflora Designs Flower Farm

Fonda, NY 12068


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