Jayflora Flower Farm

Welcome to the farm!

Located in a little town called Fonda, we are about 45 minutes west of the Albany, NY.

Here on our 10 acre plot we grow a vast variety of annuals, perennials and woody shrubs. Everything we grow is used for our special events, roadside stand & CSA membership. We are always growing with the Earth in mind, using organic practices when we can. 

We are also, a HUGE supporter of the LOCAL FLOWER MOVEMENT and encourage people to BUY LOCAL.

Did You Know?

80% of flowers sold at grocery stores, florists and FTD are "Factory Flowers" grown thousands of miles away, most likely from Columbia. Columbia's government and industry regulations on chemicals are not as strict and hardly sustainable. Imported flowers are usually treated with high quantities of insecticides to meet the U.S. Customs requirement of pest-free botanicals.

The transit of the imported plants creates heaps of trash including; boxes, plastics, rubber bands, packaging paper, tape, etc. The carbon footprint is much higher than the local, sustainable alternative.

So why would you want imported flowers that are filled with harsh chemicals on your dinning room table where you eat? 

Be aware of what you are buying and truly know where your flowers are coming from.

 Make a connection with your local farmer. 

Local fresh farm flowers are sustainably grown and are picked and on your table that very same day.


Meet the person that grows the things you enjoy, connect with them and take a tour of the farm. It is an experience unlike any other and leaves you will a good feeling knowing that you are not only helping the local community but you are making a healthy choice.

Tel. 518-212-7107                                  Jayfloradesigns@gmail.com

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