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QTY 25 single tubers.

Each tuber is guaranteed to have a visible eye.


Important Notes:

-For local gardeners wishing to save shipping costs, Choose Farm Pick-up at check out.

Choose a date in the drop down menu to schedule a pick-up during our Mother's Day Grand Opening


-Dahlia tubers will begin shipping first week of April (weather permitting)


-Once order is placed, modifications are not allowed. Please place an additional order. We are unable to combine shipping.


-Once you receive your tubers, please open the box to inspect tubers for damage. If damaged, send us a photo and we will replace them. Remove tubers from plastic bags so that they can breathe and to prevent rot.


-We are not responsible for tubers damaged due to being improperly stored after arrival, or to loss due to weather or growing conditions.


-We are unable to offer returns or refunds once order is placed unless there is an issue with your Jayflora dahlia tubers



Growing tips:

Plant after the last frost and your soil temperature is at least 60° 

Dig a hole that's about 6 to 8 inches deep. Set the tuber into it, with the growing points, or “eyes,” facing up, and cover.

Dahlias require support.

Dahlias prefer at least 8 hours of direct sunlight a day, less sun produces taller plants but less blooms.

In hot climates, dahlias like morning sun and afternoon shade.


Not ready to plant?

Store them in a cool area (that will not freeze)

Recommeded storage temps between 45-50 degrees Farenheight

Cornel Bronze (25 count)

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