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Winter Wedding; Mackenzie & Clark

I don't normally design winter weddings because they are out of my growing season, but when a good friend of mine was determined to use me as her designer and so willing to incorporate as much seasonal material as possible, how can I say no?

Since early fall, I had been preparing for this event. I had been collecting as much dried floral material I could find. Every time I'd be out on a walk and see something unique I could dry and use in bouquets or boutonnieres, down into my bucket it would go! At Jayflora, we take great pride in using locally sourced product found right on our little farm.

Mackenzie and Clark got married at Browns Brewing Company in Troy, NY. The venue already had a beautiful harvest feel to it. Drawings of hops and barley were painted on the walls. It also had a perfect stage for the couple to say their vows and an incredible balcony to watch from.

The florals I put together for this setting went perfectly with the whole atmosphere. Everything I foraged included:

-Winter greenery; firs, cedars, spruce, pine & aborvitae

-Poppy pods and Lotus

-Dried grasses, Northern Sea Oats & Astilbe

-Dried Statice, Gomphrena, Eucalpytus, Dusty miller



-Dried hydrangea




Fresh Flowers included; Anemones, Garden Roses and White Stock..... That's it! Everything else was completely dried and foraged on the farm. Talk about a bouquet that will last forever!

The bridal bouquets were adorned with plant dyed silk ribbon from the lovely Emily Avenson at Flueropean. A company based out of Belgium. If you haven't checked out her beautiful instagram feed, I advise you to do so @ The photos are absolutely breathtaking! She also has a great Etsy page!

The whole night was completely magical and I am so happy I could be a part of their perfect day. Cheers to Mackenzie & Clark and may we have many more days like this!

Flowers by Jayflora Flower Farm

Photos by Dexter Davis Photography

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